The Professional Wrestling Academy is Sydney's premier professional wrestling training centre for aspiring pro wrestlers, valets, managers & referees to learn the craft and see what it takes led by Australia's elite.

PWA is led by Madison Eagles, Robbie Eagles, Mick Moretti and supporting coaches; Caveman Ugg, Shazza McKenzie & Unsocial Jordan. With years of experience combined, the PWA team provides the most experienced and superior training in the state.

Many of our students have established themselves locally and internationally, and our greatest achievements is having two of our home grown athletes signed to the WWE - Billie Kay & Peyton Royce.

PWA holds training 5 days a week, ranging from Beginners (Core), Fundamentals (Intermediate) and Progressive (Advanced).

Monday Evening (Fundamentals) 

Tuesday Evening (Core)

Wednesday Evening (Progressive)

Thursday Evening (Fundamentals)

Saturday Morning (Mixed Class)

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  • What is the Minimum Age to train at the Pro Wrestling Academy?
    Minimum age is 16 years old, however anyone under the age of 18 will be required to have Parental Consent signed off on our Training Waiver prior to conducting a tryout session

  • I have not taken part in any Pro Wrestling training before, can I still tryout?
    Yes, the tryouts are designed for those with no training experience previously. The tryouts do not feature any wrestling moves or holds being performed on one another

  • What is involved in the tryouts?
    The tryouts are a test of your athletic ability, through cardio exercises, drills for coordination and other factors like agility, endurance & strength training. The coaches are looking to see how you take direction and what your attitude is like

  • What do I need to bring to the tryouts?
    Athletic wear or training apparel is essential. Comfortable shoes that are lightweight, or if you can obtain them/already have them Amateur Wrestling shoes from Sports stores are perfect. We suggest investing in soft kneepads and elbow pads which can be purchased from most Sporting stores. A towel and a bottle of water. You may want to bring a snack to have before and after the tryout also, training on an empty stomach is not ideal!

  • What happens after the tryouts?
    The coaches on hand assess each participant and will make a grading on whether they feel you are ready to begin training or if you need more development in certain areas before taking on Pro Wrestling training. As it is a gruelling sport and the training is intense, the tryouts allow you personally to have an insight to what our wrestlers conduct on a weekly basis to hone their craft. If you are successful, you will be invited to join the CORE class which takes place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. This class is designed to last 12 weeks (if consistent with attendance), with advancement to our FUNDAMENTALS class after that.

New Applicants wishing to enquire regarding training must await our regular tryouts in order to be assessed by our coaches. You will not be able to start training unless you have completed and passed a tryout. Tryouts are announced via our website and Facebook page. Please await our announcements for upcoming tryouts before contacting us regarding training, as we will not be able to process your application until you have completed a tryout.

Active Wrestlers who are currently performing on regular professional shows and have completed previous wrestling training are welcome to contact us via the form below regarding training at the Pro Wrestling Academy. 



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