PWA Black Label - Diego's Last Show Feat. Jimmy Havoc RESULTS

PWA Tag Team Championship: Four Nation’s Mick Moretti & Jack J. Bonza retained against Juan Direction

Shazza McKenzie def. Tree Hugger Luchi

Paris De Silva def Gavin McGavin, Adam Hoffman and Jax Jordan

Mat Rogers def Kai Drake

Robbie Eagles def Adam Brooks and Jonah Rock

Caveman Ugg def the Prefects in a handicap match

Jessica Troy (replacing Madison Eagles) def Michael Spencer in a No Rope Breaks match

Matty Wahlberg w/ The BABES def Jimmy Havoc in a No DQ Match

Show Notes

  • Tickets were SOLD OUT for this massive event on a Sunday Arvo!!! Thank you to our wonderful community... (family? Are we there yet? Maybe soon) of fans. We love you dearly.

  • Despite initially refusing to work together, nearly costing themselves the Tag Championship the Colosseum finalists Moretti and Bonza managed to retain in an epic show of dominance powerbombing Juan out of the ring and retaining the titles Power and Glory. They will face off next month at The Fight for Black Metal Feb 22.

  • The Velo-Cities drive to recuit Mat Rogers came to a head when Jude ended up slapping Rogers after he once again called them ‘pussies’.

  • Jonah Rock received an amazing send off from the local audience, noting that TMDK is still the best team in Australia

  • Big Fudge representing the PWA Management team organised a going away party for Diego even organising him a stripper that turned out to be RICKY SOUTH! Unsocial Jordan still on his quest to make PWA ‘family friendly’ again put a stop to the show and in the process even ended up accidentally KICKING DIEGO!

  • Wahlberg got the biggest victory of his career over Jimmy Havoc, but it should be noted that the BABES beer pong challenge was won by a fan for the first time with the help of Black Shirt Cool Group founder Concrete Davidson.

  • We return to Max Watts February 22 with the Fight for Black Metal Tickets available now.