Behind The Fued: SMS vs The Choc Blockers

sms vs choc blockers

With the conflict between the Social Media Squad and The Choc Blockers reaching an all time high with the upcoming Tables, Ladders and Chairs PWA Tag Team Championship Match at PWA Black Label: ‘Return of the Ospreay,’ we thought it was appropriate to look back on how their rivalry has developed over the past year.

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When it was announced that the newly formed pairing of Big Fudge and Shazza McKenzie would be challenging for the PWA Tag Team Championships at PWA’s Rooty Hill event last April, many could be forgiven for believing the titles were safe in the hands of Unsocial Jordan and InstaGraham. After all, they were 18 months into a record-setting tag team championship reign that saw them successfully defend against many high-profile duos. However, The Choc Blockers shocked everyone with the upset victory to capture the silverware.

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Following a successful title defence against the 4 Nations, the pairing of Fudge and McKenzie once again put their championships on the line at the Casula Powerhouse against Juan Direction. Although they emerged victorious, McKenzie’s shoulder seemed to take some damage during the match. Unsocial Jordan, never shy to boast of his engagement to Shazza, worriedly rushed to ring to attend to his fiancé. In a shock to those in attendance, Jordan shoved Fudge off his feet, showing off an aggressive side not typical of the eccentric YouTube personality. He blamed Fudge for Shazza’s injury, claiming that he is supposed to protect her.

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The tension that arose from the Casula show only escalated when PWA management scheduled Fudge to team up with Jordan and SnapChad the following week at ‘Release the Quackenbush’ against the 4 Nations. Throughout the bout SMS avoided tagging Fudge into the match, attempting to take on the dominant faction on their own. It wasn’t until Fudge finally got the tag that the trio looked as if they had the victory, rallying a fiery comeback and putting the Nations on the back foot. However, the selfishness of SMS got in the way of their success when Unsocial Jordan began to argue with Big Fudge. This proved to be the distraction the 4 Nations needed to get the pin on SnapChad and leave SMS putting the blame on Fudge once again.

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Prior to PWA’s first Black Label show ‘Lock, Stock, and Too Sweet Barrels,’ SMS weren’t discrete in voicing their opinions on Fudge; Unsocial Jordan vocalising the group’s belief that Fudge is a poor role model for young fans and needed to be censored. The hostility resulted in Unsocial Jordan vs. Big Fudge being arranged for Black Label’s debut at Parramatta. From the onset of the match Big Fudge looked in control, battering Jordan with an onslaught of butt-punches. SMS used their numbers advantage at ringside, SnapChad and FaceBrooke pulling Jordan out of the ring before Fudge could finish him off with a chokeslam. It didn’t take long for SMS to become frustrated, Jordan disqualifying himself after attacking the tag team champion with a chair. SMS continued the beat down, leaving their mark by taping Fudge’s mouth shut. Shazza McKenzie made the save and chased off the Social Media Squad before they could inflict any serious damage, but the message had been sent.

Photo credit:  The Jefferson Company  

Photo credit: The Jefferson Company 

Following the events at the Parramatta RSL, it was only natural for a clash between The Choc Blockers and SMS to occur at PWA Black Label: ‘O Doylo’ Rules.’ With the PWA Tag Team Championships on the line, both teams did not hold back on one another. This aggression reached its breaking point when Big Fudge shoved the official, who was preventing him from attacking Unsocial Jordan with a tag team title. The champions were consequently disqualified, losing the match yet retaining their championships, much to SMS’s dismay.

With a bitter taste left in the mouths of both teams, one can assume that this next contest won't be for the faint of heart. As to who will walk out with the championships, the only way to find out is to get your tickets to PWA Black Label: Return of the Ospreay!